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Welcome to the C Monet Gallery – your number one resource for information about the life and work of Claude Monet. This site takes an in depth look at Monet’s life, his famous works and the impact he has had on the world of art. Here you will find a wealth of information about the father of Impressionism, Monet.

Monet Paintings

Find out about Monet's works from the beginning of his art career doing caricatures in Le Havre, France to starting the Impressionist movement with Impression: Sunrise. Starting with the works, learn about some of Monet’s most famous paintings, and how his talent evolved as he spent time painting his water lilies en plein air at his garden in Giverny.

Monet Biography

Read an overview of Monet’s biography or examine the extended biography in three parts starting from birth to his life with Camille Doncieux to the later years with Alice Hoschedé and through to the end of his life. Along with his family and friends, this site also explores the impact that other artists had on Monet’s life and work including Eugene Boudin, Katsushika Hokusai, Johan Barthold Jongkind and Edouard Manet. In addition to collaborating with many of his contemporaries, Monet acted as a mentor to many other individuals who went on to become famous artists including Emile Claus, Wladyslaw Podkowinski and Theodore Robinson.

Monet in Giverny

During the last 33 years of his life, Monet spent time painting from his home and gardens in Giverny, France.  Today Monet’s gardens remain as living legacy of the artist and the beauty that he created.  Besides capturing the life of Monet, the C Monet Gallery covers Monet’s influence on the world of art as the father of Impressionism and the impact he has had on our culture today.

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Monet Paintings

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Monet Biography

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Waterlilies at Giverny
Monet Water Lilies at Giverny Print

Sketch of Woman and Umbrella
Monet Woman with Umbrella Print

Monet Poppies Print

Women in the Garden
Monet Women in a Garden Print

The Artist's Garden at Vetheuil with Boy
Monet the Artist's Garden at Vetheuil with Boy

"I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers." Claude Monet Quotes