Monet's Influence on Emile Claus

Emile Claus was born in Sint-Eloois-Vijve, Belgium on September. He started out in Realism, painting portraits and anecdotal genre pieces. In 1882 he exhibited one of these realistic pieces at the Salon in Paris. He married Charlotte Dufaux in 1886.

The writer Camille Lemonnier prompted him to travel to Paris around 1890. At this time Claus learned of Claude Monet and the still fledgling style of Impressionism and he began to change his style towards his own Impressionism, although he never met Claude Monet himself. The style he developed would be called Luminism. It uses bright colors and studies light. His style evolved into something completely different than modern Luminism and is actually closer to Fauvism.

Eventually Claus found some degree of success and visited Spain, Algeria, and Morocco. He would often travel to France and New Zealand as well. For a while he was exiled in Britain from 1916 to 1919 when he attempted to paint the Thames. He worked on the Thames as a series, influenced by the famous series of Monet such as Houses of Parliament, Haystacks and Water Lilies.

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