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March 2015

Monet Painting Confirmed as Authentic
A Haystack n the Evening Sun, has been scientifically authenticated as being a work by Impressionist artist, Claude Monet.
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February 2015

Monet Painting Sells for $35.6 million
Monet's Le Grand Canal sold for $35.6 million and Poplars at Giverny sold for $16.2 million at Sotheby's Impressionist, Modern and Surrealist sale on February 3.    
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December 2014

Man Sentenced for Damaging Monet Painting
Andrew Shannon, a 49 year old Dutch man has been sentenced to 6 years in prison for damaging Claude Monet's Argenteuil Basin with a Single Sail Boat.

November 2014

LACMA to Receive Monet
The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has received a bequest of the art collection of Jerry Perenchio. The collection includes at least 47 pieces, one of them a Monet painting.

October 2014

Monet Paintings Go to Auction
Sotheby’s in New York will be auctioning three major works by artist Claude Monet on November 4, 2014. Included in the sale is Monet’s painting, Alice Hoschede in the Garden which has an estimated value of $25-35 million.

September 2014 

Monet Painting Found in Suitcase
Officials say a Monet landscape painting was found in a suitcase left at a hospital by German art hoarder, Cornelius Gurlitt. An investigation is underway to determine if the painting was stolen by Nazis during WWII.

July 2014 

Science Determines the Time and Date of Monet’s Impression, Sunrise
A team headed by Donald Olson, professor of physics at Texas State University, explored the precise date of Monet’s painting Impression, Sunrise.  The answer they found may surprise you.

June 2014 

Monet Painting Sells for $54 Million
Monet’s 1906 painting Nympheas sold for roughly $54 million to an anonymous private collector on June 23.  This is the second highest sum paid for a Monet painting on record.

Two Monet’s to be Auctioned at Sotheby’s
Paintings from the late Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson’s collection will be auctioned in Sotherby’s semi-annual Impressionist and Modern Art sale in London on June 23, 2014. Among the paintings being auctioned are 2 by Claude Monet, La Seine a Argenteuil and Antibes, vue du plateau Notre Dame.

May 2014

Monet Acquired by the National Gallery of Art
Monet’s painting, Still Life with Bottle, Carafe, Bread and Wine, has been bequeathed to the museum from the private estate of Paul and Rachel Mellon.  The painting will go on display at the museum on June 7.

Christie’s Auctions Monet Painting for $27Million
One of Monet’s water lilies paintings, Nympheas, which had been in the estate of heiress Huguette Clark, was sold on May 6 to an Asian buyer for $27 million.

March 2014

Monet’s Waterloo Bridge (1903) Recovered
Monet’s painting was one of 180 artworks uncovered in Austria during a Nazi-looted art investigation. The paintings were found in the 3rd property of Cornelius Gurlitt. His other two properties also contained numerous pieces of art.
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February 2014

Monet painting found in Salzburg Art Stash
A work by Monet was among the artworks found at the Austrian home of art collector Cornelius Gurlitt. Some believe the works might have been looted by Nazis during WWII.  
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Monet’s Waterloo Bridge Finds a New Home
The National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC has recently acquired Monet’s Waterloo Bridge.
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January 2014

Monet Water Lilies Painting to be Auctioned
400 some items belonging to former socialite, Huguette Clark, will be auctioned off by Christie’s on May 6. Included in the sale is Monet’s Water Lilies which is expected to sell for $25 to $35 million.
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Monet Painting Dated
A group at Texas State University applied forensic astronomy to determine that The Cliff, Étretat: Sunset by Monet was painted on Feb. 5, 1883 at 4:53 p.m.
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Monet Donated to Denver Art Museum
Frederic C. Hamilton has donated 22 landscape paintings, valued at up to $100 million, to the Denver Art Museum.  The Impressionist collection includes paintings by Monet.
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November 2013

Man Punches a Hole in a Monet
The trial has begun for a man who put his fist through a $13.6 million Monet painting, Argenteuil Basin with a Single Sailboat, at the National Gallery of Ireland.  The accused says it was an accident, witnesses say it was deliberate.  
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August 2013

Monet lent to the National Gallery of Canada
Claude Monet’s Le Pont de bois, painted in 1872,was recently purchased for nearly $10 million and has now been lent to the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa.
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Amazon Selling Monet
Amazon recently launched a new Fine Arts section which includes Claude Monet’s L'Enfant a la tasse, a portrait de Jean Monet. The item was listed for $1.45 million.

July 2013

Monet Donated to Art Institute of Chicago
Nearly 1,000 pieces of art have been donated to the Art Institute of Chicago by Massachusetts art collector Dorothy Braude Edinburg.  The collection includes work by Claude Monet.

June 2013

Monet’s Contarini Palace sells for $30.8 Million
Sotherby’s of London sold Monet’s 1908 painting of Venice at their Impressionist and Modern Art sale along with paintings by Piet Mondrian and Pablo Picasso.  At nearly $30.8 million, Le Palais Contarini, brought the highest price for a painting of Venice by Monet.
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May 2013

Monet’s Venice View is the Star
Sotheby’s has announced that on June 19, 2013, it will offer a rare and important view of the painting, Le Palais Contarini (The Contarini Palace) by Claude Monet.  The view of Venice, created during a trip in 1908, is now valued at £15 to 20 million.  
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A Monet in Ashes?
Ashes found in the house of a suspect charged with stealing 7 pieces of art from a Dutch museum are being analyzed.  It is believed that after realizing the paintings couldn’t be sold, the suspects may have burned them.  The estimated value of the paintings is over $130 million.

April 2013

Rare Monet work on Display in New Hampshire
The Currier Museum of Art has the rare opportunity to share Adolphe Monet in the Garden of Le Coteau at Sainte-Adresse with its visitors.  The painting has only been on display in a museum one other time.  
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March 2013

Monet’s Garden
More emphasis is placed on Monet the artist than on Monet the horticulturalist.  His gardens were his own designs.
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Man Arrested Trying to Sell Stolen Monet
A 46 year old man has been arrested in Germany after attempting to sell stolen paintings, including a Monet, back to the gallery from which they were stolen.  
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February 2013

Giverny Visits Indy
Monet’s Giverny is brought to the Indianapolis Museum of Art with 160 colorful glass panels by artist Spencer Finch.
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November 2012

Christie’s of New York Sells a Monet
Monet’s Nympheas, a painting inherited by New York’s Hackley School, was sold for $43,762,500 to a private bidder.
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October 2012

Rotterdam Museum Robbed of Monet
Paintings by Picasso, Matisse, Gauguin, Freud and Monet were taken from the Kunsthal Museum. The well planned heist allowed the thieves to get away with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of art.
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June 2008

Christie’s of London Sells Record Breaking Monet
A rare water lily painting of Monet’s fetched a record breaking $80.4 million. “Le Bassin aux Nympheas," or "Water Lily Pond," was sold to an unknown client of Tania Buckrell Pos of Arts & Management International.
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