Monet Timeline

1840    November 14    Oscar-Claude Monet is born in Paris, France.

1845    Monet and his family move to the Normandy region of France. He wants to be an artist.

1856    Monet takes painting lessons, including painting en plein air, or outdoors.

1861    June    Joins the military and spends two years in Africa. After becoming sick, he was sent home to recover where he began painting again.

1862    Studies under Charles Gleyre in Paris. Becomes friends with Renoir, Cézanne, Degas, and Frédéric Bazille.

1866    Paints The Woman in the Green Dress and showed it in the Salon. Some mistake it for a painting by Manet causing Manet to dislike Monet.

1870    June 28    Marries Camille Doncieux in Paris.

1870    September    As the Franco-Prussian War starts, Monet moves to England and sees paintings by John Constable and Joseph Mallord William Turner. Meets fellow painter Pissarro.

1871    May    Monet moves to the Netherlands and continues painting.

1871    December    Moves to Argenteuil, France where he lives until 1878.

1872    Painted Impression, Sunrise the painting that gives Impressionism its name.

1874    April    First Impressionists exhibit in the studio of photographer Félix Nadar.

1875    Monet paints Woman with a Parasol.

1879    September 5    Camille Monet dies.

1892    July    Monet marries Alice Hoschedé.

1892    Winter    Starts painting the Rouen Cathedral series.

1883    Moves to Giverny, France.

1890    Summer    Begins painting the Haystacks series.

1890    Monet buys land in Giverny and begins developing his garden.

1892    February    Begins Rouen Cathedral series.

1897    Paints Water Lilies, a subject he would work on for the rest of his life.        

1900    February    Begins Houses of Parliament series.

1908    Travels to Venice with his wife, Alice, and paints View of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice by Twilight among other paintings.

1911    Alice dies.

1916    Monet begins painting the large Water Lilies including the panorama paintings and triptychs.

1926    December 5    Monet dies of lung cancer at the age of 86.

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Sketch of Woman and Umbrella
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"It took me time to understand my water lilies. I had planted them for the pleasure of it; I grew them without ever thinking of painting them." Claude Monet Quotes